Muny Rat Local Rules:

USGA rules enforced unless a local rule applies.

Gimme's - Any putt under 12 inches. Basically, tap ins. A standard putter grip or shoe length can be used to measure. 

Triple Bogey Max - Pick up and move to next hole if you're putting for a triple or higher. ALWAYS!! Even if you have a match with someone in another group. This is to help with pace of play.

Tee Rule - We will only play the tips if the course is under 6700 yds. Players will have the option to play the tips if they choose, try to be consistent. Handicap will be adjusted.

Age Rule - All players 70 years or older have the option to move up three sets of tees from the tips. The exception to this is if there are only three sets of tees (i.e. Lions), then you move up two sets from the tips.

Rock Rule - If you feel your club might get damaged, move the rock(s) or move your ball off the rocks to the nearest non-rock area and place your ball. However, you may not improve your situation, just the lie. Example: If you're behind a tree, you must remain behind said tree.

Root Rule - If your ball lies up against a root and your club will come in contact with the root during your swing, you may move your ball to the nearest point of relief no closer to the hole. As in the Rock rule, you may not improve your situation, just the lie.

Bunker Rule - If you're in a footprint (incl. animals), pick up your ball, rake (or smooth area if rake is not available) and PLACE the ball as close to the original spot as possible. This also includes any other 'unusual' situation within a bunker. This is not intended to provide relief for fried egg or plugged ball in the bunker. Always confer with your playing partners regarding procedure. 

Lateral Rule (LR) - This rule only applies if there are NO stakes. Example: If you go into an area and there are no Red, Yellow, or OB stakes, then play it as a lateral hazard. This will help the pace of play.

Advice Rule - Rule 10.2 'Advice and Other Help' not in effect. 

One Ball Rule - Not in effect

Measuring Devices - Measuring devices are allowed, including slope.

Hole-in-One Rule - A player that gets an ace during a Muny Rat skins game will receive all of the CTP money. 

Skins Rule - In the event that there are no skins won, the Skins Pot will carry over to the next 'Skins Game'. If a player did not participate in the previous game, they will need to pay into the previous skins pot plus the current skins game pot. All players from the previous game have priority in playing over a player that was not.

Always consult with your playing partners when applying a rule (USGA or Local).