Ratter Cup By-Laws

The Ratter Cup Bylaws (released Feb, 2014)

1) All players need to meet eligibility requirements to play the event.

2) Defending Champion retains Cup if event ends in a tie.

3) The Sub Rule:
- If a player withdraws prior to the event, a replacement player must come from the
eligibility list.
- If all players from the eligibility list are exhausted, then a non-eligible player may be asked to represent the team.
We start from the top (played most events) and work down until the roster spot is filled.
- If the spot can't be filled, we then implement the "Trevor Spring Rule".

4) The Trevor Spring Rule: If a player withdraws or doesn’t show, our first option is to find a substitute. If we can't find one, then his/her partner plays on against two players from the opposing team. The Alternate Shot match will be changed to a Shamble (Combo scramble and best ball). The team of two plays a Shamble against the solo player from the opposing team. The Best Ball match will continue as a 2 v 1 match. The Singles match ups are determined at Lunch, so both Captains pick one player and implement the "Guido Rule".

5) The Guido Rule: One player determined by the Captains will play two matches against two players the other team captain puts in that Tee slot. To do this, the Captain of the shorthanded team picks two players which the opposing captain narrows down to one. Note: If a player starts the Alternate Shot or Singles match but can't finish due to an injury or an emergency, that match is forfeited. The "Spring Rule" and/or "Guido Rule" kicks in for all remaining matches that player is involved in. If a player starts a BB match, but can't finish, his partner will continue on in a 2 v 1 scenario.

6) The Weather Rule:
- We postpone the Ratter Cup to another date if the forecast looks bad a few days in advance.
- Both Captains must approve said action.
- If we begin play and then have a weather stoppage, we will implement the "Darkness Rule".

7) The Darkness Rule:
- This applies if there is a risk of not finishing before dark.
- The Captains will agree on a finishing hole and all matches will conclude on that hole.
- However, 19 holes must be completed; if not, the event is considered incomplete and will be rescheduled to another date.
- If 19 holes or more are completed, then the team with the most points at that point is awarded the Cup.
- Captains can decide to reduce one format or the other, but at least one hole from each format must be played.
:  we can play 9 holes Alt Shot, 5 holes BB, and 5 holes Singles.
- If tied, the defending Champs retain the Cup.

8) The Specjal Rule:
- A player can represent both teams in different years.
- This player will have two records.

USGA Rules and the standard Muny Rat rules will be used.  Local Muny Rat rules will be provided the week of the event.