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Rat 4 Club Partnership

1. Only 4 clubs in your bag. Yes, unload the rest of your clubs, we don’t want controversy!  A putter counts as one of the four clubs if you choose to use it (you can putt with any club). Because of this, NO GIMMES! A two foot putt with a sandwedge is not that easy, so putt everything out. Triple max is still in effect. You cannot use your partners clubs. The clubs you choose are the clubs you use.

2. Entry $70 per team ($35/man). A Group captain will be assigned once groups are posted. Group captains collect and Venmo me (open Groups link to see captains).

3. Keep both players gross scores. We will let the spreadsheet factor your teams best ball (gross and net).

4. We won’t have skins and CTP’s, but will pay first through third gross and net. Note: you can’t win money in both categories (so, six out of the 14 teams will get paid).

5. Rat rules will be enforced including the lateral rule. Go to RULES to review.

6. If a player doesn’t show up (or WDs mid-round), the remaining players individual score will be that teams score. Good luck!

7.  Turn in a legible scorecard after the round. And stay for a cocktail!