Ken Perry

​2015 Dollar Open Champion

2017 Cheesehead Open Champion

2019 Georgetown Christmas Classic Net Champion

Moved here in 1998
Have been playing golf for 50+ years

Hdcp: 12
Best round: 69 at Spencer T. Olin, Alton, IL (home of the 1999

Men's Amateur Public Links Championship)
Best hole: Hole-in-one at #8 Forest Creek
Worst Hole: a 12 on #7 at Pebble Beach, rallied by birdying 18

for a 53-39=92
Notable courses played:
 - The Old Course and the New Course at St. Andrews
 - Pebble Beach
 - Royal Melbourne
 - Oak Hill
 - Riviera
 - Troon North
 - Torrey Pines - North and South
 - La Costa
 - Kapalua

Saddest Hole-in-One Story ever:
This all occurred a long time ago, back when I was a much stronger player. In 1983, I was national sales manager for a robotics company and was living in Illinois.  I had driven some equipment to a trade show in Orlando and when the show was over, hauled ass over to Grenelefe, which at that time was a destination golf resort in central Florida.

I went to the pro shop and asked if they could get a single out. He said they had a large group of stock brokers from Merrill Lynch there for their national sales meeting and they had the course reserved. One of them happened to overhear this and said, it would be great for me to join them anyway. So I played with 3 guys and we had a pretty good time until the 17th where I managed to knock in a hole-in-one. This was my third and so I wasn’t too excited, but one of the guys was going nuts, since he had never had one nor seen one in person. Now this guy was good, he was close to scratch. He is so excited he invites me to their awards banquet that night. Since I know they are going to have a nice dinner, I accept. He gets me up at the dinner in front of all these successful stock brokers and told them all about my hole-in-one. We get real chummy and I find out he had played golf for Georgia, said he was 5th man. So I asked him if he ever got to go see the Masters. He says “Hell, I get to play Augusta.” My reply, of course, is that I would give my left testicle to get to play it. So he says, “You want to play it Tuesday? I have a client who is a member and he plays on Tuesday let me set it up.”  FUCK YEAH! What do you want me to do with this testicle??

Everything gets set up and I drive up to Augusta on Monday. I am so jacked up that I find a men’s store and buy a fucking green blazer – an Arnie Palmer green blazer.  Not that I am going to wear it to the club, but it just seemed the right thing to do.

I am so excited I can’t even sleep. But finally about 4 a.m. I doze off. I am awakened by the sound of thunder. I look outside and it is pouring cats and dogs. SHIT!!! I call my new friend and say surely we are still gonna play and he says the course is closed, so no, we can’t. FUCK!!! Well, I am going to go there anyway and buy some souvenirs. But they won’t let even me on the grounds since the course is closed, the pro shop is closed as well. Double FUCK – I demanded my testicle back.

So that is the tale of the saddest hole-in-one in history (my history any way). The end result was that for many years, on the Monday after the Masters, I always wore that green blazer and thought about lost opportunities.