Saturday, May 27, 2023

Course: Lions

Tee times: Starting at TBA


​We will play our customary Rat game with skins, CTP's, low gross and net. Buy-in will be $30, which includes $5 toward Cowboy Cup prizes.

Tournament Rules - 

Play 'em down, putt 'em out:  If you accidentally pick up your ball before holing out, you must replace your ball in the exact spot from which you picked up (please consult your playing partners), incur a 1 stroke penalty, and then proceed to hole out.

Maximum 3 minute Search:  You may search for a lost ball for a maximum of 3 minutes from the time you arrive at the general area in which it is lost (per new USGA Rules.)

Lost ball and Out of Bounds: If your ball is lost or OB, you may exercise one of 2 options: 
1) Hit it a provisional ball and take the stroke and distance penalty if your ball is indeed lost or out of bounds. Once you hit the provisional, you forfeit your right for  option 2 .
2) The USGA Local Rule Option: You may forego the option to hit a provisional ball, drive up, determine if the ball is lost/OB and it's point of entry and drop in the nearest point of the fairway (no closer to the hole) with a 2 stroke penalty. We are giving these options so that there will be NO DRIVING BACK TO THE TEE. Once you leave the tee box, you DO NOT have the option to go back.

Play Non-OB Woods/Native Areas as a Lateral Hazard / Penalty Area:  If you hit it into a wooded or native growth area that is not marked with white, red, or yellow stakes, essentially, you and your playing partners determine the point of entry into the tree line or native area. Then you may take a drop within 2 club lengths and no closer to the hole from that point of entry with a 1 stroke penalty.

Triple Max: Maximum score on a hole is Triple bogey. When you have reached that score, please pick up so that pace of play may be maintained.

Muny Rat Rock Rule:  If you ball is on rocks, you may lift your ball, brush away or dislodge rocks if you can, and replace it in the nearest spot that does not improve your position for your next shot. The spirit of this rule is to prevent broken clubs or wrists while not giving added advantage for your next shot. If you're stymied, you must remain stymied. In most situations, your ball shouldn't need to move more than 12 - 18 inches. This rule does not allow you full and complete relief from the rocky area say, five feet away. Please consult your playing partners in this circumstance. This rule does not apply to roots.

Muny Rat Bunker Footprint Rule: If your ball comes to rest in the bunker and in a clear and undeniable human footprint, then you may lift your ball, rake said footprint, and place the ball back as close as possible to it's original spot. This is not intended to provide relief for fried egg or plugged ball in the bunker.

Please Consult Your Playing Partners in any of the above situations to get their agreement before exercising your option.

The Cowboy Cup

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2022  - Winner: Chris Haggard

2021  - Winner: Jason Long

2020 - Winner: Liangjun 'LJ' Jiang

2019 - Winner: Ross Henry

2018 - Winner: Patrick Giles

2017 - Winner: John Montgomery