The 2018 Ratter Cup

Hooligans win 9 - 7


7 - 2


2018 Winners

ROBERT “these brownies are” SPECJAL 
Chairman T. ROSS “Captain Half-Point” HENRY
ANDY “ Captain Zinger "  BOUTOT 

The 2018 Ratter Cup (played in Jan 2019) was one of the closest we’ve had in years and came down to the final few matches. Jimmy Clay was in great shape and proved to be a worthy venue. 

The morning best ball matches ended in a 2-2 tie.  The afternoon alternate shot matches were dominated by the Outlaws 3-1, so the score going in to the Singles was 5-3. 

The Singles match ups looked pretty even, but the Hooligans needed to win 5.5 points from the 8 matches to take the Cup away from the Outlaws. 

The first match saw yours truly take down an injured James Gustafson. The second match saw Sean Durkin grab a point from TTT.... the match was now tied 5-5!  The second group also saw the Hooligans take two points with both Doc Mann and Patrick Dickson winning their matches. The Hooligans suddenly found themselves leading 7-5!  

The Hooligans needed 8.5 points to win the Cup, so a Brookline style comeback was now a possibility!  The Outlaws only needed 8 points since they were the defending Cup holders.  

Patrick Giles won his match to increase the lead to 8-5. The Hooligans only needed a half point to complete the comeback!  The Outlaws won a point from Todd Lacoste, so the gap closed to 8-6. The remaining two matches were all square, so the Cup was still in question. 

Trevor Spring and Kenny Ames battled it out thru 8 holes and stood on the 9th tee all square. Kenny blasted his tee shot right down the middle. Trevor’s tee shot caught the right tree and dropped straight down. As I drove up, Trevor asked me how it all stood. I said as calmly as possible, ‘your match is the decider’. Trevor looked at me with eyes the size of saucers and said ‘Thanks Ross’. At that point, I questioned my strategy. Lol. Trevor had to hit a low punch to get anywhere near the green, so chose a five or six iron.  He then executed one of his best shots ever.... a low running draw that rolled up on to the middle of the green. Kenny also clutched up and hit his approach shot pin high to a back pin.  Kenny was just out and hit a great putt to gimme range. Trevor now had two putts to clinch the Cup. Two years earlier Trevor was in the deciding match against Brad Hoar, and didn’t close the deal. So to say there were a few demons and a lot of nerves throughout his body, would be an understatement.  His first putt rolled past the hole about 3 feet, leaving him a testy down hill left to right putt to clinch it. Just behind them in the final match, Andy Boutot and Dennis Sokol were all square playing the ninth hole, so a Trevor miss would mean the final match would be the clincher!  By now all the Rats  were gathered around the ninth green to watch this momentous occasion. Trevor got up, took his stance, looked at the hole and put the most pure stroke on that putt!  It rolled in dead center to give the Hooligans their second victory in nine Ratter Cups!  What a way to redeem your performance from a couple years ago Trev! Well done.  

MVP went to Sean Durkin for his fantastic two and half point performance in 3 matches!  Notable mention to Patrick Dixon and Patrick Giles also had 2.5 points. On the losing side, top point getter was Todd Lacoste with 2.5 points.

Thanks to both captains for doing a great job getting everything organized. Patrick for maintaining the website and all the players for participating! 


BRAD HOAR - Captain