2016 TS34

Memorial Day Classic

The 2016 Trevor Spring Birthday game, better known as the TS34, was another huge success!  Thankfully, this year’s event wasn’t plagued by bad weather, flooding, or some other unusual condition.  As always, Trevor provided the tournament with some of the most exquisite trophies that any golfer would be proud to display on their mantle or in their office!  I brought a bottle of Jameson’s for all to partake before teeing off…and most of you did!  Good way to start a round of golf I say!  Patrick has posted plenty of photos of this magnificent event on the TS34 link.

The Tournament was played at one of Austin ’s most historic and scenic venues, Lions Municipal Golf Course (known as Muny to the locals).  The course was in good shape considering the crazy weather central Texas has been experiencing the last few months. Thanks go out to the Staff at Lions who are always helpful and gracious to the Rats!  The format for this prestigious event was individual and team Net stroke play.  There were prizes for best individual front nine, back nine, and total along with an overall team prize.  The front nine was won with a solid score of 32 (net) by Sean “Chandelier” Durkin!  The back nine was won by Brad “Roll Tide” Hoar who closed with a fine four under 31 (net).  The Overall winner was able to overcome a bogey on the first hole due to his late arrival!  As the starter announced “last call”, we heard tires screech as his car came flying in!  Dennis “SoCool” Sokol turned a slow start in to a very respectable one under par 70 (gross).  With his 3 handicap, his net score of 67 was good enough for a one shot victory over Robert, Billy, and Sean!  Well played Gents, hope you enjoy the Goodwill hardware!

The team event was a far more dramatic story!  Scorecards were flying in right left and center along with entry dollars, so things got a little chaotic.  Patrick and Robert were getting all things in order and with my help, the winners were determined….. the winning team with an incredible score of net 60 was Thomas and Brad!  The presentation ceremony went along with out a hitch and the money and trophies were distributed.  The winners bought a round of drinks and all was great in the Muny Rat world!  Or was it?!!  Thomas sat down and started going over his incredible brother-in-law round with Brad and about half way through, goes “Oh no!”  I asked him what the issue was and he replied “I messed up, we actually shot a 61”.  If this was a PGA Tour event (or pretty much any other golf tourney), they would have been DQ’ed, but since the Rats play by different rules, we decided to count the score and audit the others.   Once we tabulated everything for the second time, it was determined that there was a three way tie for first.  The teams of Randy “AAG” Reynolds / David “DWiz” Williams, Sean / Sokol, and Thomas 'TTT' / Brad all shot ten under 61’s.  The host, Trevor, decided to settle the tie breaker on the putting green with a five hole playoff (best ball).  Luckily most of the players were still at the course with the exception of DWiz who was on Mopac…a quick phone call and he was back at Lions in a minute!  The first two holes were tied with 2’s.  On the third hole, the teams of Sean/Sokol and TTT/Brad aced to go one under!  The next two holes ended with no change to the standings.  Randy and David were eliminated and the other two groups went in to a sudden death playoff!  Two holes went by without a winner.  On the third sudden death hole, Brad and Thomas locked in a two.  First to putt for the Durkin/Sokol team was the Irish Chef, Sean “clutch” Durkin!  After discussing break with his partner, Sean got over the 20 foot putt, stroked it, and down goes the ball!  Great day for the team of Durkin and Sokol.  Each collected Indi hardware to go with the team trophy!

This is truly one of the more fun events we play!  I’m looking forward to playing these until Trevor is an old man (or till I die)!   Thanks again to Trevor and everyone who helped make this a great day.