Congratulations to Team Vince, Glenn, and Rick for winning the Rivalry Qualifier. They will represent the Muny Rats and Austin at the 'Rivalry before the Match' tournament the Friday before the Rudy's Cup in San Antonio. Here are the results:

62 Ross Henry

     Marty Piorkowski

     Doug Worrell

62 Patrick Giles
     Trevor Spring
     Moe Rodriguez
63 Patricia Henry
     Brad Hoar
     David Williams
65 Thomas Haley
     Mel Schmidt
     Keith Knippa
66 Matt Wahl
     L Jiang
     Gabe Bramlette

57 Vince Brunssen
     Glenn Daly
     Rick Klunk
58 Randy Reynolds
     Gene Black
     Steve Trafton
60 Dennis Sokol
     Teddy Wheeler
     Jerry Archilles
60 Chris Moringy
     Randy White
     Mitch Thompson
61 Chris Lyles
     Mark Herrin
     Sean Durkin
61 Greg Shead
     Rithy Khem
     Scott King