​​​​​​​Next Rat Skins Game:

Course: Riverside

When: Saturday, June 15

Time: 10 am


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The next Skins game is at Riverside on Saturday beginning at 10 am. We are FULL.

Sign up below and get on the waiting list in case someone can't make it. FIELD/GROUPS

Upcoming Events:

June 15 - Skins game @ Riverside, Saturday 10 am.

June 30 - Skins game @ Lions, Sunday afternoon

July 5/6/7 - Firecracker Open

July 20 - Skins game @ Colovista


The 2024 Corona Match Play Final is set. Undefeated Dalton W (4-0-0) vs. Bhanu R ​(3-0-1) will be battling it out at Grey Rock on Tuesday, June 18 at 3:30 pm.  Click HERE for bracket and match results.

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