​​​​​​​​2023 Events Results (*Majors): 

All Time Rat Major Winners

The Rat Derby*
2023 Champion: Thomas Haley (35-34, 69 net)

Corona Match Play
2023 Champion: Chris Kendzior  def. Jason Long 3&2


Cowboy Cup* 
2023 May 27: Caleb Tucker (
34-31, 65 net//64 gross)

Cheesehead Open
2023 Sept 3: Chris Haggard (
33-37, 70 / 67.6 net)

Club Championship*

2023 Oct 21-22

2022 Champion: Gross - Greg Jones (75-76, 151)

2022 Champion: Net - Chris Haggard (77-69, 146)

The RatX Cup 

2023 Nov 12

2022 Champion: Brad Hoar

​​The Ratter Cup

2023 Nov 19 

2022 Champions: The Outlaws (9 - 7)

Rat 4-Club Partnership

2023 Dec 10

2022 Champions: Gross -David White & Scott King

2022 Champions: Net - Doc Mann & Andrew Blobaum

Georgetown Christmas Classic 

2023 Dec 20

2022 Champion: Gross - David Meyers (31-34, 65)

2022 Champion: Net - Liangjun Jiang (32-34, 66)

Notes from the Commish ~~

RESULTS from Lakeway Live Oak

The next Muny Rat game is the Mike Marketos Memorial tournament on Sept 30 at Kizer. This will be a 2-man partnership paying out gross and net. More info to come. Sign up with your partner.  FIELD

The Austin Senior Championship is this weekend.  LEADERBOARD

​​Important information:

  1. 1.  Entry fee for skins games is $25. We will still pay out gross, net, skins, and CTPs.  For now, Venmo will still be used.  Note: $30 for Majors. 
    2. The top 8 from this years final points list will be invited to play the match play next year (we’ll go down the list till 8 spots are filled). 
    3.  If you’re new to the group, you need to play three games before you start earning points. Basically a membership requirement.  If you only play once all year and win, you won’t get points and won’t be eligible for the year end events.  
    4.  We will continue using the points list to determine who plays the Club Championship (MRCC) and Ratter Cup.
    5.  You must earn 200 points to be eligible for the MRCC.  Exempt players get in automatically. 
    6. The RatX Cup aka Tower of Brower (TOB) starts two weeks after the MRCC and the top 24 on our points list advance to the playoffs.  The Top 16 after that round then qualify for the final. Note: we will not go down the list of fill the field.  Ex. If you’re outside the top 24 after the club championship, your season is over. 
    7.  The Ratter Cup will be made of the top 16 players on the points list. If any of those players can't play, we will go down the list until we fill each team with 8 players.

  2. And finally, there has been some changes to theRat Rules. Please be sure to check them out.



​​​​Next Muny Rat Game:

Mike Marketos Memorial

Where: Kizer

When: Sept 30, Saturday

Time: TBD