The Rat Derby is a new addition to the Muny Rat majors. It coincides with the Kentucky Derby that is typically on the first Saturday in May. 

This year because of the Kentucky Derby fell on Mother's Day, the Rat Derby has been moved to The Preakness, May 21-22.  The 2022 golf season is in full swing and it's almost time for our first major of the year, The Rat Derby.  It is my pleasure to invite you to participate in the 3rd Annual Rat Derby to take place on Sunday May 22nd. The Rat Derby is an 18 hole, Net Championship. Along with our standard prize money, the Champion will be awarded a beautiful trophy, a very nice bottle of Kentucky bourbon, and a crisp $100 bill! Additionally, lowest gross will pay an extra $100 and there will be an opportunity to place a wager on your pick of Rats, derby style.

You are also invited to a Preakness party at my house on Saturday Saturday 21st, where we will place our bets on the ponies and the Rats, and watch the Preakness together. Bring your wife or girlfriend, heck, bring them both if you want, it's adults only. 

I look forward to seeing everyone at the party and the golf course, playing for another great Rat major title!

Keith Phelps

Derby Host

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We are FULL, but get on the Alternate list in case someone has to withrawal.

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